Thursday, 9 October 2014

Aboyne update

Tuesday was a bit wet, but this did not prevent the various members of the expedition enjoying the amenities of Deeside - the tyre menders, the barber, and of course the Black Faced Sheep in Aboyne where the cakes are irresistible, and the soup is pretty good too.

Wednesday looked unpromising at dawn but it turned into a gloriously sunny day, much too warm for winter clothing. There wasn't a lot of lift around but it was possible to stay up and enjoy the local area, and then as the front approached late in the afternoon some weak wave set up along the valley to Ballater. Graham S had his first experience of Aboyne, and of the Duo, and was heard to make complimentary remarks about plastic gliders, which may damage his credibility with the Vintage Gliding Club.

Who's checking whom?

Onto the runway


The Dee and Loch Kinord

Booker gliders being put to bed

Dinner at Birkelunn involved a Grand Marnier soufflé prepared by Chef Rolf.

'Just a little something I threw together yesterday...'

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