Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Stormy Monday

The day started with a storm - lashing rain and trees bending. After a while the lights at Clearfield (the alternative to Birkelunn) started flickering and then went out, so we went down to the airfield to see if the trailers were still the right way up, and then to Ballater to buy candles. After a visit to Sycamore Cottage to see Phil and Rob we had an extended lunch at The Bothy - recommended - and then home to light the fire. Credit is due to the electricity company for fixing the power so quickly, it was a filthy day to be out tying wires together.

Rumour has it that the Birkelunn crew went to visit a distillery where spirits were imbibed.

The day ended more calmly than it began with the sun peeking through up the Dee Valley. Dinner involved traditional Scottish macaroni pies, which were surprisingly good - and will keep the cold out for some time. As Rolf was in charge at Birkelunn there will probably be more pictures of gourmet food in due course.

Clearfield sunset

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