Friday, 10 October 2014

Aboyne Friday

The morning dawned bright and sunny, with promising looking clouds and a moon which had forgotten to set, however observant readers will note the almost complete lack of wind

Morning moon

Undeterred, the two-seaters were soon waiting to launch, and were soon exploring the weak wave left over from the previous evening.

Davy Crockett and his son Richard

Chercher determined to crack this business of landing
All out

The ground crew then took part in another team building exercise, helping Rolf, who was temporarily uncertain of the location of his trailer keys, to get at his glider. Various methods were attempted and the problem finally yielded to the use of a hacksaw.
Successful break in
After lunch in the sun it looked as though the thermals were setting up so there was a rush to rig, but the instability produced rain showers, so all that was achieved was very clean gliders.

The day ended as usual in the bar, followed by some entertaining model flying which was a bit difficult to capture in a photo, and a colourful sunset.

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