Monday, 6 October 2014

Booker goes to Aboyne

The Booker Gliding Club annual expedition to Deeside Gliding Club in Aboyne is now underway, with about 20 members assembled to enjoy flying, food and all the other entertainments that this beautiful area has to offer. Most of the group drove up on Saturday, through some filthy weather, but those who decided to believe the road mending gang that the A93 was passable enjoyed glorious sunshine over Glenshee.

KCZ en route

 Sunday was beset with the usual teething problems of flat tyres and missing waypoints. Rolf declared that he should have stayed in bed as he found that his glider was jammed into the trailer because of a collapsed belly dolly, his oxygen kit didn't work, and finally he lost his car key. This series of misfortunes was finally remedied when a fingertip search of the landing area located the keys (well spotted Phil).

The gentle southerly produced excellent wave, easy to get into from about 2500ft and topping out at around 12,500ft, with good climb rates. Denis went on an expedition to Inverness and Loch Ness, squeaking home through the gathering gloom, most people stayed local-ish.

Somewhere over Deeside

Somewhere else over Deeside
The day ended with a team building exercise involving 'Getting 318 into its trailer using only the tools available'. As each new person arrived on a scene a variety of methods was attempted. The problem was finally solved with the use of some pieces of Rolf's kitchen floor which for reasons unexplained he carries around in his car. This was of course rather outside the parameters of the exercise, as was Bob S's laconic suggestion, when he turned up after all the struggle, that what we needed was a shovel, to level the ground.

The problem
The solution
The CFI appeared unimpressed with the outcome of the exercise, which was filmed in its entirety by Geoff T and may well be used as a teaching aid on the next management course you get sent on.

Feedback session

The day ended with a traditional Aboyne sunset followed by traditional beers and whisky in the clubhouse, accompanied by an excellent cheesecake made by Phil's wife - delicious.

Today it is blowing a gale and raining hard.........


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