Friday, 17 October 2014

Comings and goings at Aboyne

It has to be said that the weather this week has not been ideal, but we are still having a good holiday, with a bit of gliding thrown in - and quite a lot of cake. New arrivals included Steve W and Roland, while Graham S left with KCZ and Capt Byass disappeared saying he had to go to work, while Chercher set off for Aberdeen and a flight to London.

Richard has been kept busy in 315 with Graham, although he did take time out to fly the model he broke on Day 1, now repaired with a new wing.

Waiting for the tug

Doing the walk round
Thursday was a bit damp, but Denis entertained us by wiring us up to demonstrate how stress stops the brain thinking and analysing - ever seen anyone coming in to land with the wheel brake going up and down? That'll be high workload preventing the pilot thinking 'hang on a minute, this isn't working, which lever is it?'

Last night involved an excellent dinner in Ballater cooked by Richard at the very smart house he's sharing with Steve and Roland, and a rather late night.

Chilli night

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