Tuesday, 16 July 2019

A great gliding intro and regionals day 2.

A fantastic gliding day today. A 320 Km cross country for the Booker Regionals Competition pilots, with Denis Campbell romping round at 115Kph.  Many pilots were heard commenting that today was their fastest ever cross country flight.  Special congratulations to Howard Joseph who took the club ASW19 round and got 4th place.

Richard and Jo arrive in style

Our latest course member Jo had a comprehensive introduction to gliding. A trip in the K21 in the morning to practice stick and rudder co-ordination, then a speedy cross country in the Duo Discus with Richard.

Delighted CFI Richard thanks his student Jo for a great flight in the Duo.
Flying continued well into the evening with a busy Tuesday Evening group back to normal after recent closures.

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