Friday, 26 July 2019

The hottest day of the year......

.....and still we flew. Yesterday was a bit of a challenge, with extreme temperature and a brisk southerly wind making runways 06 and 24 too risky for launching, although fine for the power traffic using 06. We therefore set up in the middle of the field and launched along the southerly part of runway 17, which also happens to be the smoothest bit of the airfield and with good launch failure options, and landing on 06. Jo was there continuing her Get Your Solo course - she's certainly had a varied two weeks with us, starting her course with a cross country in the Duo during the Regionals. We also flew a Trial Lesson customer, who had gone solo in a glider 30 years ago, and two other course members. James did sterling work flying the tug all day, although it got so hot he burnt his hand on the flap lever.

It was a satisfying day, but we were all very glad to go home and cool off!

Jo about to lainch 316

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