Sunday, 14 July 2019

Booker Red Kite Regionals Day 1

Saturday started well with the launchpoint set up and gliders gridded. Nils the Met Man gave an in depth explanation of the weather and the Director set an HDT task to the south and we waited. Eventually the Director launched for a sniff around but reported that cloudbase only just made 2500ft QFE and there were large poor areas near the airfield so we scrubbed. And then the sky cleared, but it was too little too late. Some competitors took off for a bit of practice, others packed up ready for whatever Sunday brings.

The Grid Marshal and the Met Man share a joke with the Treasure

Just lying around...

....or standing

The LS8 - deceptively spacious

In other news, Maddi checked out on trailer towing with her new car (and licence), including reversing round corners and a trip round Handy Cross.

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