Saturday 20 July 2019

Regionals Day 5

The day started damp and the briefing at 1130 was indecisive about whether or not there would be a task. In the end two short tasks were set with a rebrief after lunch. It was a bit breezy out on the field but the snifter reported a cloudbase of over 3000ft, although thermals were broken. At this point George appeared with his trailer, he rigged in record quick time while the grid launched on task B. After watching them all struggling to stay up the Director scrubbed before the gate opened - George just had to park out ready for tomorrow. Everyone landed back - except Denis who set off to prove that the task was possible - in a Ventus 2cxt. He made it round but did have to use his engine.

Meanwhile the rest of the competitors, officials and club members were tucking into John Hubb's excellent barbeque and Jan's salad selection.

Some serious drinking going on

Chef John

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Unknown said...

Caption Comp:
Gliding equivalent of "I once caught a fish that was thissssss big":
I was only this high above Stokenchurch.... and I STILL got back to the airfield!!