Sunday, 21 July 2019

Regionals Day 5 - again

And so we come to the end of another Regionals. The weather was less kind to us than last year, but still with Nils's excellent forecasts we managed 4 contest days plus a couple of good efforts. Today like yesterday was hard to judge, two tasks were set, with Task B actually longer than task A in case conditions were better than forecast. In the event it all went to worms. The grid launched with task C but found it increasingly hard to stay up in the gusty thermals with a lowering cloudbase so they very sensibly came back and landed.

Boys with their toys
John cooked up another barbeque while Richard went off to buy prizes for the podium places, which were:

3rd place - Jan McCoshim and Dave Byass

Jan collecting the beer

2nd place - Jim White

Jim with a smile
1st place - Denis Campbell

Denis thanked Jim and Tim for inventing the Handicapped Distance Task format which he said had revitalised his interest in cross country flying. He also noted that in two years time he will have been gliding 50 years and at that point the beers would be on him! And finally.....he remarked that having an engine definitely made it easier.

Richard handing over the trophy
Richard thanked all those who had worked hard to make sure the comp ran smoothly - Pete the scorer, Bob the grid marshal, Jane and Bob running control, Chef John, as well as Nils the forecaster, all the tug pilots, and last but not least, Shelagh and Chris in the office.

Next weekend we will be hosting a team from Lasham for the InterClub League.

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