Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Regionals day 3

The forecast today was affected by the approaching front and the top cover casting a shadow over proceedings. Nonetheless the Director set a task of 304k out Alconbury way and launching proceeded in the usual efficient fashion. The competitors set off at much the same time and to start with made good progress but conditions deteriorated and Jim, Nils and John came back. The others struggled on, and five landed out. Steve and Jan had aerotow retrieves, Ashley and Howard were rescued from fields, and George, who very nearly made it back, had to leave his glider in a field overnight because of a locked gate. Denis and Geoff made it all the way round. Richard made it to Alconbury but skipped one of the TPs.

Howard hoping to improve on yesterday's blistering 96kph by polishing the u/c doors

Ashley's good looking field near Olney

Howard's retrieve from near Waddesdon

Richard's view of Alconbury
Meanwhile back at Booker, Jo continued her training with a lot of flying in a K21 with Bob D, and the Wednesday evening group took over at day's end.

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