Monday 21 July 2008

Day 2 - again

Metman forecasts Cu to 4000', possibly as high as 5000' in some areas. Winds mainly NW'ly 25kts. Warm advection at lower levels is likely to decrease the risk of spreadout. Thermal strength anywhere up to 6kts. Apart from the wind it sounds like a good day. Dave Caunt has set off on his 500km milkrun already. For us mere mortals, tasks set as:

Task A - SOS-PIT-BUL-OXD-BF2 (305.1km)
Task B - SOS-NOS-KGS-OXF-BF2 (238.1km)

First launch not before 11:00.

Need to run to the grid and get my glider ready now....

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