Tuesday 22 July 2008

Day 3 Briefing at 10:30

Scores for Day 2 continue to be in a state of flux as the loggers from the landouts are added into the equation. Position wise, Jim White (Z12) won the day with a speed of 85km/h followed closely by Denis Campbell (370) at 82.2km/h.

Anecdotal evidence (the best sort!) reveal that Ben (in 580) did 174.5km in his ASW19 and Phil C (971) did 173.2km in his ASW19. So, maybe some competitive rivalry between the '19 pilots?

Field landings (and retrieves) were all done safely although there were comments about paddling through water to get to one unfortunate glider!

The briefing has been delayed until 10:30 this morning which gives Neils the Metman a few extra minutes to pontificate over what's going to happen today. His forecasts have been very, very accurate so far (his forecast of 6kts yesterday and the day gradually going blue was spot on). Let's see what he thinks of today.

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