Sunday, 20 July 2008

Regionals Day 2 - Briefing

Briefing held at 11:00 where the previous day's results were reviewed - after much haggling/scrutinising, etc. Denis Campbell (370) and Jim White (Z12) tied for first place and gained 304 points apiece. Third was Jon Gatfield (T6) who had completed 78k before turning for home.

Today Neils the Metman descibed how the various models were predicting spreadout (or not quite depending upon which model you prefer). 25kt WNW winds, cloudbase 3500-4500' (4500' if spreadout breaks up). With the possiblility of some sun getting through to the ground there's hope of 4-5kt thermals.

Bryan the Taskman announced today's tasks:
Task A - BOB-WEC-DID-BUC-BF2 (150.2km)
Task B - BOB-WEC-DID-THA-BF2 (103.1km)

Bicester is tasking between Newbury, Keevil and Buckingham so there won't be many other gliders marking the thermals. Lot's of local little airshows today, so plenty to watch out for.

First launch is not before 12:00, so better get to the grid now!

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