Friday 25 July 2008

Day 5 tasks set

Metman reckons there might be a sufficient window to use before it turns showery/thundery, etc. although cloudbase is likely to rise to no more than 3000'.

Task A - Booker Bridge (BOB) - Oxford South (OXS) - Newport Pagnel (NPT) - Booker SW (BO1) - Booker Finish 1 (BF1) - Booker (BOO) - 144.0km.

Task B - Booker Bridge (BOB) - Oxford South (OXS) - Calvert Junction (CAL) - Booker SW (BO1) - Booker Finish 1 (BF1) - Booker (BOO) - 101.8km.

First launch not before 11:15. Apparently this was then changed to 12:00.

Oh, and apparently I was wrong about Jim in Z12 yesterday. He did fly further than our fledgling Junior pilot who made it to Bidford. Jim flew over 100km although the results show a handicapped distance of 91.7km. I wonder what the handicapped distance of a Junior completing 93km is?

We're off to the grid to watch the very unstable airmass developing to the North and West. Feeling quite humid already but the brisk Southerly breeze is keeping it quite pleasant on the airfield. Nils suggests that it won't rain at the airfield but there's likely to be some quite large showers developing elsewhere.

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