Sunday, 27 July 2008

Day 6 Briefing

Metman says that there's several airmasses around with slightly different attributes (moist/dry, etc). Not quite sure which we're going to have but it's likely that we'll have Cu to 4000-5000', light variable winds, risk of a sea breeze front penetrating from several directions and periods of 8/8. Day expected to end at around 17:00. Therefore fairly short tasks set today:

Task A - Booker Bridge (BOB) - Membury (MEM) - Calvert Junction (CAL) - Chipping Campden (CHC) - Booker SW (BO1) - Booker Finish 1 (BF1) - 255.1km.

Task B - Booker Bridge (BOB) - Ilsley (ILS) - Calvert Junction (CAL) - Moreton-in-Marsh (MOR) - Booker SW (BO1) - Booker Finish 1 (BF1) - 207.6km.

First launch not before 11:30.

Oh, and the Battle of Britain flight is flying all over the Country today so need to keep an extra special lookout for them (for nostalgia purposes of course).

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