Friday 25 July 2008

Day 5 but will it rain ?

Metcheck ( has issued a weather advisory this morning:

Forecasters Warning
Heavy Showers & Scattered Thunderstorms
Areas Affected: The UK

The warm weather is set to continue into the coming weekend and the early part of next week, however with low pressure attempting to dominate the weather from the southwest, there will be a growing risk of some afternoon or late evening heavy showers or thunderstorms developing, set off by the high temperatures.

Despite a nationwide risk, it will be inland parts of the UK that are at greatest risk and these include, Wales, Midlands, Northern England and parts of Scotland.

Where these showers do develop some locally torrential downpours are possible along with lightning, hail and gusty winds. Conditions may progress from fine and sunny to highly inclement within a short period of time.

Dunstable's forecast suggests that the day will end around 14:30 'at best'. Lasham suggests a 300-400km task is possible. H'mmm, let's see what our Metman and Task Setter decide! Briefing as 10:00 and I'll post an update later.

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