Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Day 4 tasks set

Task A BOB-MAR-HUR-BO1-BF1 147.9km. Task B BOB-MEM-CHV-BO1-BF1 107.4km. We await the Metman to provide inspiration. The Metman reassures us that there could be a usable window in the next few hours. We're all looking at his charts with renewed interest as he keeps being spot on with his forecasts. And to think we thought his charts were just modern art until now. Cloudbase just reported as 2200' with good 3kt climbs. First launch possible at 12.00. Suspect 13.00 is more likely.


Gary N said...

Still on the grid waiting for the clearance to arrive. Getting warmer and warmer.

Dave C said...

Bicester scrubbed at 14.45