Sunday, 9 June 2019

InterClub League Round 1

Booker has returned to competing in the InterClub League after a few years off. This comp is an excellent opportunity for pilots with little or no experience of comp flying to learn a bit about how it works.

The comp consists of three classes and we sent a team of six:
Novice - Luke Bishop and Stuart Whitehouse
Intermediate - George Darby
Pundit - George Hunter, Nils Wedi and Tim Scott

Lasham took a slightly different approach, they didn't bother to pick a team, the whole grid flew the tasks - 113km for Novices, 214km for Intermediate and 312km for Pundits - so we were a bit outnumbered.

Our boys did very well. Luke in his newly acquired Nimbus 2 came 2nd in the Novice class, and Stuart, flying Pegasus 318, was 3rd - not bad for a first ever cross country flight. In the Intermediate clas, George very nearly got back, but he picked a very nice field near Thatcham (turned out it belonged to Lord Sainsbury so he maybe picked up a few Nectar points). This gave Luke and Stuart an opportunity to learn about retrieves. In the Pundit class, against stiff opposition, Tim Scott came 2nd.

The grid - mostly Lasham's team but with our six in there somewhere


Luke's new Nimbus on the right and its previous owner on the left

George as a guest of Lord Sainsbury

Luke and Stuart with Team captains Bob and Bob putting 318 away before the rain came
 Well done to the team and to Bob Smith for organising it all.

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