Monday, 17 June 2019

Klippeneck 2019 - Day 8

Overnight there had been some heavy thunderstorms and torrential rain and we woke up engulfed in cloud but it had stopped raining.
The met forecast suggested it would be flyable early afternoon so some folk went off sightseeing but the newer arrivals stayed on site ready to fly when it became good enough.

Initially the cloud base rose (from the ground) but there was a layer of top cover and a clearance coming from the Black Forest but still with some towering cumulus but as the pictures that follow show it then developed into a stunning evening and stayed soarable for at least an hour after we had finished for the evening.

Only 2 seaters today

Top cover clearing as better air caomes in from the Black Forest

Approaching Lake Konstanz to the south
Still soaraable at 18:00

316 just prior to landing

Jeremy after his final glide from Tuttlingen

And dinner was deconstructed shepherd's pie, carrots and cauliflower cheese 👌

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