Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Klippeneck 2019 - Day 10

Another good forecast from our resident met man Nils promising good climbs to 8,000ft but the risk of towering cumulus to 30,000ft later in the day with associated rain and the best area to the east on the Alb. Its uncanny how accurate he is!
Which runway are we on?

Launching took place as soon as the first clouds started popping.

As the day progressed there was significant cloud development over the Black Forest and very heavy rain which then spread along the northern edge of the Alb forming a barrier for several of the pilots coming back from the east.
Cu building over the Black Forest

XC by 370, RA, 316, 315, LTY, 944 and HA.
8,000ft  just as Nils forecast

Ashley in 944 had to fly through a significant area of rain returning from the south eastern corner of the Stuttgart zone, sufficient to wash his yaw string off but everyone got back safely and another pleasant evening eating down in town finished off the day.

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