Monday, 17 June 2019

Meanwhile back at Booker................. was AeroExpo yet again, and the airfield was taken over by big trucks and big aircraft - and lots of rain, at least on the first day of the event. Needless to say the hangar flooded.

The kit that wasn't in Germany or trailers

A tasteful background for the 'restaurant'
We set up a stand and put on our winter jackets - it was quite chilly - and engaged passing visitors in conversations about the merits of gliding. There was a weightshift microlighter who was interested in finding out more about using thermals - our advice was to slow down when he met one. There was power pilots interested in spinning. And there was a young man who already had both helicopter and fixed wing licences and was thinking that learning some gliding might enhance his understanding of flight - well of course it would!

Chris and Henry in sales mode

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Many thanks to John Lambie, Symeon Economou, Bob Sinden, Henry Ross and Chris Collett, and also to Chris Rowland who stood out in the cold with his ASW22 which formed part of the static display.

And here's our favourite aircraft from the show.

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