Sunday 16 June 2019

Klippeneck 2019 - Day 6

Lot of top cover suggesting it wasn't going to be ideal for cross country but still soarable locally.
The trailer park looking suitably "Booker" filled

Vic launching John

The 2 seaters were kept busy all day and in spite of the apparent poor viz, the Alps were well defined to the south.
The Alps in view shortly after takeoff

The high temperatures were kicking off good thermals to over 6,000 feet but there was little sun on the ground or cumulous to indicate were the lift was.
Maddie climbing at 8 knots up to 6,000ft
Once everyone had had their fill and the kit was put away for the day there was an excursion to "IndyKart" in Rottweil for a petrol fuelled crashing and bashing time at the go kart track (its just as well we don't fly gliders like we drive the karts).  Two of the drivers who made it to the podium were Red flagged but it didnt stop the fun.

Honours went to Richard, Howard and Maddie - 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively.
The winners

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