Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Klippeneck 2019 - Day 9

A glorious day if interspersed with one or two tricky patches. A mostly easterly airflow and 6,000ft bases forecast.

Busy aerotow and winch launch points
All the gliders from Booker were out and flown along with an number of locals and another visiting club from FSV Sindelfingen, they have brought two 2 seaters and a number of club single seaters. What is very refreshing is to see how many youngsters they have brought along and the enthusiasm they have to get their gliders ready, fly and then clean and polish before putting them away.

First cumulus popping with crews getting in

Shortly after the first launch

Honours go to Denis in 370 who flew along the Black Forest before flying around the Stuttgart zone doing 400k. His comment on OLC of "Tricky in the north west corner" could be translated to "It wasn't very good at 800ft"

Other gliders flying xc included HA, JTY, 319, 944, RA, 314 and Nick Newton took 315 out to Farrenburg and back.

Farrenburg airfield

Scattering of gliders at the end of the day
Great socialising down in Spaichingen

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