Saturday, 15 June 2019

Klippeneck 2019 - Day 5

Woke up to a promising looking sky.

Action in the trailer park

and by the hangars
A good if tricky in places day. Cloud base remained fairly low to start but as the day went on the cloud base rose to around 6,500 feet and the day started to go blue with gaps between thermals getting longer.

Task area was set to the North East. In the morning the Duo Discus did a trip to Blumberg near the Swiss border with Maddie and Richard, in the afternoon it went to Ulm and back with Nick in the front. There were a few 'lowish' moments on the way back.

Good flights were achievied by 370 doing 300k, and 319 with Howard J doing 240k and JTY with Frank N doing 180k.

319 on task towards Ulm

Not all the flights got home, 35 landed out a short walk from the airfield and HA unfortunately managed to land out 110k from the airfield near Ulm.

Steve and his new found friends in Altheim

Those of us back at the airfield enjoyed a wonderful sunset and Thai Green Curry....

Sunset at Klippeneck

whilst those on the retrieve from Ulm had....
And it tasted mighty fine 
but the overall concensus was that it had been a fine day out.

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