Friday, 21 June 2019

Klippeneck 2019 - Day 11

Another cracking day flying (and cracking sounds from the sky).
Meeting the locals
The day started hot and blue and a good forecast with the best area to the east on the Alb and the "small" risk of showers later in the day.
Gridding up

K21 on tow in the distance

These turned out to be quite big thunderstorms to the north and spreading east from the site creating a bit of a barrier for the intrepid cross country pilots who had gone east first.
One of the heavy showers
There were occassional lightning strikes from these showers which were definately to be avoided.

Everyone got back which required some skillful flying to stay up in some of the dead air behind the storms whilst also avoiding the restricted airspace to the east.

Noteable flights by Denis, Jeremy, Ashley and Steve doing 410k, 278k, 216k, 231k respectively.
Graham's Petrel always higher than everyone else
Harald looking cool at 8,000ft

And later, Harald - Landung lange zwei drei
Klippeneck itself stayed dry and gliders were derigged in fabulous sunshine.

The skies produced some interesting cloud formations and descriptions of what the pilots could see - see if you can see them too and restore their sanity (it had been a long hot dehydrating day!).
Richard's Poodle

Jeremy's Dragon
Doug's Camel head

Ashley's foreboding sky

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