Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Klippeneck 2019 - Day 3

The day started with a low cloudbase that continued to lower😞. The kit was prepared and taken to the launch point and split with KCZ ready to aerotow and 315 going across onto the winch. Only one launch took place with 315 being fired up into the lowering cloud requiring an early release to aviod IFR on the winch and then a decsion to stop for the day.
Lowering cloud

Nick vM and Richard A went up to Schemp's for some maintenance and a bit of window shopping.
Anyone for an Arcus?
Richard, Howard, Maddi and Doug were invited on a short walk of about 1.5km by one of the locals to see a nearby point of interest (an old disused railway and bridge built in the 1930's).
Disused railway running around the bottom of the escarpment at Klippeneck

Anyway 9 miles later and after some interesting hillside scrambling we finally got back.
The airfield is just over the top (honest?)

The evening was concluded with another of Fiona and Hakan's gastronimic delights - Pork fillet, pomme pure, apple sauce, carrots and beans and a Jus. We really are going to have to watch the "B" (or maybe max all up weight).

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